Guidelines to Know about New Accommodation

It is an exciting experience staying in a different house for accommodation. You can stay there and treat it as you own property. In order to avoid likely issues, we’re giving you a handful of tips on what to do once you have moved in. Let’s get started by knowing more about your accommodation!

Utilities and bills

If you are renting and the bills are not specified by the landlord, you’re the one to pay for the amount. From the first day you moved in, you must read the meters of your consumptions in electricity, gas, water, etc. Forgetting to do this may result to getting the bills of the previous occupants.

You can have available services ready to assist you in taking care of your bills. This will prevent you from experiencing arguments later on. You can register from the start of your tenure so you won’t be given erroneous bills.

TV license

Many students have the prerogative same as with the rest of the people. If your appliances include a television, you need a license for this in the TV licensing.

What to bring in?

What can you bring when moving into your new accommodation? Initially, check out the available stuff you can rent in the new house. If there are pots, pans, stove and crockery, don’t bring any of these stuff anymore. Mostly, a set of beddings like linen, blanket, pillow and towel should be provided by you. Other items you can bring in are general stuff like toiletries, clothes, laptop and others.

When you’re moving in, have available stock of the important household items like detergents, cleaning devices, trash liners, etc. If you’re putting furniture in your house make sure they comply with the right standards associated with the fire safety measures.


When it comes to repairs, the landlord is the one lawfully responsible to fix damages. If there are needed repairs, tell him in writing, even you have already informed him verbally. House owners don’t normally execute repairs unless a written letter is sent. Repair is normally covered with a realistic time to accomplish it. For instance, clogged drains need immediate repair more than a cabinet repair.


Be sure to ask first the approval of your landlord before creating changes or re-decorating the house. If your landlord did not approve the changes and you have already done it, you will have loads of bills when your contract ends. Most likely, the landlord may deduct a certain amount from your bond to put back original things in place.

New neighbour

Once you have moved in the new private accommodation, it means you become part of the new local community. You are required to deal properly with your new neighbors. Similarly, you must be a good fellow neighbour to them.

If you have a house accommodation, use it as you would to your own house. Treat everything in there with respect, knowing that many things in your accommodation are not your own. To get the best experience we suggest you to follow some of the simple rules mentioned above.

Types of Student Accommodation

In many cities there is more demand for British universities that offer student accommodation, so once you have decided where to go, you should start looking for accommodation. Many colleges help their students find a room in the residence halls or student apartments.

If your host university has student residences available, living in allow you to make friends and meet other students, as well as participate in the social life of the university.

There are two types of student residence halls:

  1. Residence Halls: Large buildings with single or shared rooms. In some halls, usually the older ones, there are shared bathrooms. This type of student residence hall offers phone service and lounge and serves breakfast and dinner. It is the most expensive option for a student accommodation.
  2. Self-catering Halls: Are residential rooms and kitchens where residents can store food and make their own meals. It is the ideal choice for many foreign students because they can eat their own food and choose their meal times. Sometimes the buildings are large and complex and sometimes they are houses.

To avail these accommodations, you must apply for university accommodation before coming to the college. Search the Accommodation Office on the website of your host university and contact them.

Other types of accommodation:

If you prefer to seek alternative accommodation, one that is cheaper and offers more independence, there are several possibilities:

There are student hostels and inns offering accommodation for students. Food concerns will not be a problem because like self-catering halls, some let their guests make their own food.

There is the option of a one bedroom flat to rent in london and rent a room accommodation in a private house. This is good if you don’t mind living with a family but you will have to adapt to their lifestyle. The degree of independence is less since you will have to be considerable about their preferences and whether it’s ok with them if you come in and out anytime. However, this option has the advantage of giving you company and allowing you to learn how to live the British way.

There are shared student house or a room in a rented house shared with other students. It is usually the cheapest option. Often the quality of the houses is not very good, but for many it is a great option to share with other college students and minimize expenses. Normally you have to bring your own sheets, pillows, and other necessities. This type of shared student accommodation does offer a high degree of independence.

And then there are bedsits, 1 bedroom flat and studios rented out from big houses. They are stories of a room where you have to live and sleep. Sometimes you have to share kitchen and bathroom with other tenants but so long as you don’t mind living with others and there is respect this is not a bad choice as well.

Just remember that if you are to sign a contract to rent a room or house, you should read it carefully before signing and for all payments you make get the receipts.

What should a contract to share house be?

A contract to share house or apartment is essential to avoid passing downs, so we recommend that you include the points:

  • The price and services included. It should be clear what is offered and for how much.
  • The initial deposit and in which cases it is not refundable. This is a point which many people have problems with so it’s advisable that it’s clearly explained.
  • Rules of conduct. This must be clear if accepted on-site visits and for how long. If one can stay overnight and if it would have an additional cost.

These are just a few tips you should not forget to search in the contract and you can add any you consider necessary since you are signing into it your suggestions are valid. Many people think that a contract is not necessary but it can avoid stressful situations.


Considerable Factors in House Share

for rentIn house rents, it is essential to ensure that lease agreements are clear. Some house rentals annually increase until the agreed contract is finished, where the percentage of the increase is based on the annual report on inflation or by agreement between tenant and landlord. Specialists of house rentals or house share residential property market advice that it is essential that this point is seated at the time of signing a lease. To learn how you fix this increase, it is important first to know the details on lease established in a locality.

With this knowledge you will have important tools to defend yourself if the landlord wants to increase the cost of rent without first establishing it in the contractual agreement. The annual rent increases up to 10% on the outstanding amount, and usually are based on the annual inflation rate to define the increase, although this must be stipulated in the contract and must be mutually agreed. The percentage increase should be decided depending on variables such as the area, the size of the property, the facilities and the services offered, the investment in repairs and maintenance, the market and its supply and demand. However, these stipulations do not apply to every rental residential property so it’s best to find a house share that is not subjected to these conditions and offers a great deal for all house tenants. House shares are common these days most people just want to cut costs on temporary living spaces. But just a reminder, remember that ideally, when it comes to housing expenses, other than payment of your house, you should have a savings rate of about 12% of your gross salary and a minimum of 6%. Why? Because renting a house is going to take a lot of money from your wallet every month and these cost usually higher than regular rental accommodations such as flat-shares.

When you share house with someone obviously the rental cost is lowered since the full amount is divided into two. This lower lease costs outweigh any other form of accommodation costs while letting you enjoy the same benefits such as privacy in each of your own room, furnished facilities, connectivity, parking space, and more. A house share is really a great choice of accommodation as long as you are sharing it with someone you know very well. Many of these types of accommodations offer modern comforts for a home as well as a quieter place so that tenants can really feel at home. The best place to start your search for a house is the Internet. There you can find other information not limited to the house for rent. It’s a good idea to know a little about the location of your house as well since these house rental features can vary significantly between locations. Likewise, the price of a shared accommodation obviously depends on several factors including the location and quality of the house as well as the demand for it.

If you’ve ever stopped to think how to find a home, either to rent or to buy, the Internet has proven itself very reliable and more comfortable. It saves you the time needed to do countless walks or car rides. It is also much easier to access photos, videos, facts and other information. All these should help you save time and money in finding a house. So in a way it is very essential to be able to find the right house that suits your need. And it is particularly useful in major or metro cities where you have many options given the ample supply of both rental housing and houses for sale.

What Are Comfortable – 1 Bed Flats to Rent?

room for rentThe choice of accommodation is one of the most important tasks to make in our travels. Ideally, 1 bed flats to rent are best options if we are traveling alone. However, choosing which one takes into account our personal tastes, preferences and / or needs and that is a task that requires some effort. Basically, we would need to know if the flat we are considering offers the amenities that we want. There are many choices of flats to rent but not all of them may provide the facilities / services we need. For example, a flat may have the facilities we like but it does not have the Internet connection service we need, so that is a con. In flat hunting, what’s most important to remember is if it can provide our needs.

The wide range of accommodations available is classified into different categories and much depends on our need for the situation. 1 bed flats to rent are very suitable for students, single professionals, and vacationers. A nice flat is typically equipped with heating and / or air conditioning, a clean bathroom with toilet and bath, a small kitchen, a comfortable TV space, and of course, a sturdy bed with bedside table.  If it also offers a parking space downstairs you’ve found the perfect place. And since they are not as expensive as the apartments they make an ideal student accommodation. At the beginning, students just need to make a list of services they want or need in a flat. So if a flat does not have internet connection or cable TV and these things are necessary, then you should absolutely double check if you can get that installed or else you are better to find another. But more often than not, college students who prefer to live alone in flats than with a roommate in boarding schools would really find this type of accommodation ideal because it answers to their need for the situation.

What’s really attractive to these types of accommodations is that they offer a more personal alternative to a hotel, in a relaxed atmosphere, in place of a home. People who live far away from their own homes normally dig the “homey” accommodation type else living in it is nothing special. It’s normal to want to feel home when you are nowhere close to it. There are also many establishments for the upper end of this market and they are right in the middle of the big city. Yes, they may offer the homely atmosphere but that usually comes with a price much higher. If you don’t mind the price it’s a great choice since the city offers everything, but next to “need” what’s really important is convenience. If you rent a room that offers the basic things that answer to your essential needs and the price is within your budget that already provides convenience. Of course, convenience is not a general term because this depends on your own definition of convenience. Convenience could mean being in close proximity to business centers, malls, supermarkets, laundry stations, transport service, etc.

There are multiple platforms accessible for both single and flatshare accommodations. If you are Internet savvy it is easy to find an ideal place based on results of surveys and user feedback, where users scored their experiences on a particular rental place. You will find how much your prospective flat scores in a given criteria such as comfort, cleanliness, location, convenience, facilities, and most importantly, the value for money. If that channel is more convenient for you to search for rooms for rent, it won’t be hard to find the accommodation that best suits your needs.